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2020-05-30: Black. Lives. Matter. Period. 鉁婐煆解湂馃徑鉁婐煆解湂馃徑鉁婐煆解湂馃徑鉁婐煆解湂馃徑鉁婐煆解湂馃徑鉁婐煆解湂馃徑鉁婐煆解湂馃徑鉁婐煆

2020-05-29: Apple Watch Series 5 is a serious upgrade over my Series 1 and so I’ve gone a bit crazy with 鈥

2020-05-29: I’ve waited for 3 long years for a fast computer and the Mac Mini hits the spot. I’m so 鈥

2020-05-29: The final iteration of my office.

2020-05-12: Looking forward to these guys…

2020-05-12: Spent an assload of money today but I really can’t work when I yarn install a package and the 鈥

2020-05-12: So I had to make a purchase. As I get back into exercising I needed a new Apple Watch as well. My 鈥

2020-05-12: My current computer situation is extremely bad; my 2015 iMac’s Fusion Drive was dying, sold it 鈥

2020-05-12: Wasn’t getting unemployment for a month and a half but I do now. I just wrapped up an 鈥

2020-05-12: I haven’t been posting here much. Our company had a massive round of layoffs and as a new dev 鈥

2020-05-04: Studio update:

2020-04-07: Everyone seems to have a Shortcuts Airtable base so here’s mine: TTT Shortcuts Gallery

2020-04-07: is kinda slow to update posts…

2020-04-07: Everyone seems to have a Shortcuts Airtable base so here’s mine: 鈥

2020-04-07: Rosy, the robot vacuum. This is a renewed Roborock S5 from Xiaomi

2020-03-23: Reppin my squads

2020-02-22: The all shortcuts home screen…

2020-02-18: Swatara Twp Overlook

2020-02-18: Bought a new Ninja Foodi as I continue to workout, eat better, and lose weight. It’s amazing.

2020-02-18: Swatara Twp Overlook

2020-02-18: So…this is happening… Been using Things 3 for two years and before that OmniFocus for 鈥

2020-01-12: Back to the gym and it’s awesome. Helps that it was 65掳 and sunny in the middle of winter but. 鈥

2020-01-07: I used to share photos around my old place (I still kinda miss it). Here’s my neighborhood 鈥

2020-01-07: 馃幎 Jamie - Brittany Howard

2020-01-07: Super Rich Kids ft Earl Sweatshirt

2020-01-06: My iPad wall mount and adapter from Proper is on the way!

2019-12-30: 馃幎Flamagra - Flying Lotus

2019-12-18: Bye 2019. It’s been a wild one. Final Home Screen of the Year |

2019-12-18: Nanoleaf, The raddest.

2019-12-18: Out of all the artwork I’ve got (excluding the print of Judith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia 鈥

2019-12-15: Put together the coffee and end table, cheapies from Amazon. Fits my aesthetic though.

2019-12-15: Back to light mode for a bit

2019-12-13: Tree.

2019-12-13: I do video too! Should I get a Mac Pro? 馃馃槀

2019-12-02: New Brydge Keyboard arrived and I already like it. Like a lot.

2019-12-01: 馃摑Bellroy Slim Sleeve Review

2019-12-01: TextExpander doing the lord’s work.

2019-11-21: My updated VS Code Setup post, as requested!

2019-11-21: Doing a bit of experimenting with some random libraries and some guy’s CSS. pard0x

2019-11-21: How are folks getting the color backgrounds for their Memoji avatars?

2019-11-11: Now that I’m not strictly an Apple blogger I don’t feel as compelled to upgrade my 鈥

2019-11-11: Movers: are you an Apple consultant? Me: ummmm 馃し馃従鈥嶁檧锔

2019-11-08: Been a minute, eh? Just wanted y’all to see this sick syntax theme for VS Code and my 鈥

2019-10-30: The new feature where you can access external drives/media in Files: priceless

2019-10-27: 馃張 Buckeyes on a roll. Sweet win today over Wisky but we still don’t get respect.

2019-10-24: HomePod sound is more impressive than I thought.

2019-10-17: This new Kim Gordon is tempting me to dig into Sonic Youth’s back catalog.

2019-10-17: 馃幎 Kim Gordon’s new album slaps. No Home Record

2019-10-17: 馃幎 This Tyler song always makes me sad.…

2019-10-17: Views from the 7

2019-10-15: Yep. Icro’s markdown parsing is broken in dark and light modes

2019-10-15: Test 2

2019-10-15: Test

2019-10-15: Icro’s dark mode needs a lot of work…

2019-10-15: I have this podcast and have two awesome junior and mid-level devs in mind to add as a host but the 鈥

2019-10-15: People who work, especially people who work in software: how do you find time to read books???

2019-10-12: I’m also going to try microcasting.

2019-10-12: I’m venturing into many creative outlets/projects. Build & Automate my smart apartment 鈥

2019-10-06: New office space.

2019-10-04: Exterminator came today; spiders and stinkbugs galore. I’m deathly afraid of stinkbug buzzing 鈥

2019-10-03: Finally breaking through at work and my anxiety has lessened considerably

2019-10-03: 馃幎 RIP Mac……

2019-10-03: Intros & Such First microcast. We’ll see. 馃槒馃檭

2019-09-29: Setting up automations in the new place is super rad.

2019-09-27: Being able to control the new Sonoses from Control Center is the best…

2019-09-27: My first HomePod!

2019-09-27: Moved into the new place and it’s spectacular…

2019-09-24: I am upgrading to the Pro Max and the Series 5. I technically don’t need a new iPhone but the 鈥

2019-09-21: I’m starting a YouTube channel just for funsies on smart home automation. I’ve been 鈥

2019-09-21: I have a thing for squirrels 馃惪

2019-09-20: Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks stuck in my head: We, Real cool We, Left school We, Lurk late We, Strike 鈥

2019-09-10: 馃摎Currently Reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman | Goodreads

2019-09-09: Because I code, I am delaying upgrading to Catalina for the forseeable future. Apple’s 鈥

2019-09-09: I couldn’t get into Good Omens. I’ll need to post some tyoe of review on my book review 鈥

2019-09-09: 馃摑馃摫Updates Before September Event | Folders on my home screen. I鈥檓 sorry but that isn鈥檛 鈥

2019-09-09: 馃摑Down the Rabbit Hole of Smart Home Tech | It all started innocently enough. Scroll 鈥

2019-09-08: 馃幎 a trip to back to my 20s

2019-09-06: I get far too excited about airplanes 馃洬

2019-09-05: We were pushing for launch day this week and I’m spent. We launch tomorrow. I’m sitting 鈥

2019-09-05: IHOP for dinner with my bro.

2019-09-04: Jira is probably the worst piece of developer project management software in existence.

2019-09-03: Been struggling with super crippling anxiety lately. I all but have stopped using traditional social 鈥

2019-09-03: 馃摎Currently reading: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett | Goodreads

2019-08-22: This upper respiratory infection is killing me but it’s my fault for not going to the doctor. 鈥

2019-08-19: 馃摎Reading: Understanding ECMAScript鈥 by Nicholas C. Zakas [PDF/iPad/Kindle]

2019-08-19: 馃幎 Listening to: Last One Awake

2019-08-17: 馃摎Reading: Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists: Dan 鈥

2019-08-17: 馃摎Reading: Tutorial purgatory from the perspective of a tutorial maker You have the knowledge you 鈥

2019-08-17: 馃摎Review: Reeder 4 Review: Good with Some Copy Errors - Book Notes by Tiffany This isn鈥檛 a basics 鈥

2019-08-16: 馃摑New post: Peak Designs Everyday Backpack | I got the whole shebang y鈥檃ll.

2019-08-14: I packed those bags up with Dollar Tree goods and all my dongles in the tech pouch. Review in 鈥

2019-08-14: I got my Tom Bihn Organizer Pouch, my Harry’s Toiletry Bag and Peak’s Tech Pouch today!

2019-08-13: Peak Designs Everyday Backpack came today!! Going to feel it out and write about it soon. The tech 鈥

2019-08-12: 馃摎Reading: Reeder 4 Review by Matt Cassinelli

2019-08-12: 馃摑: Retail therapy for a real cause. IKEA is probably one of my favorite places to buy stylish 鈥

2019-08-12: Lunch and some YouTube.

2019-08-11: 馃摑: I’m so over punditry. Like the byline says: this is my little space on the internet, and I 鈥

2019-08-11: A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundae to top off an afternoon of packing.

2019-08-10: TOOL is now streaming fyi… TOOL |

2019-08-10: Some bad takes on subscriptions: As a developer, I get mad when I see reviews on the App Store 鈥

2019-08-10: ….and I also bought Peak’s Tech Pouch . Because what is a techie without an everyday 鈥

2019-08-10: Even though I am not a tech bro, I feel compelled to let y’all know I bought the Peak Everyday 鈥

2019-08-05: Breakfast this morning: 馃崐 juice Fresh 馃崒 Frozen 馃崜, 馃崒, and 馃崙 Non-fat frozen yogurt Good start to the 鈥

2019-07-31: For a former hardcore gamer, which system should I get? Switch PS4 I just want a way to unwind after 鈥

2019-07-30: A playlist I made as an 80s baby for that bit of nostalgia. 馃幍Just 80s Sh*t 馃幍

2019-07-29: 馃帣 258: 鈥楶ousse-Caf茅鈥, With Special Guest John Moltz

2019-07-29: Personal Jesus was my introduction to Depeche Mode. 馃幎Depeche Mode - Violator (Bonus Track Version 馃幎

2019-07-28: 馃摑 A post about my new apartment adventures. New Place, Bestest Place - That Mac Nerd

2019-07-28: Trying out a new playlist structure in Overcast. No longer a night owl, can’t be. I 鈥

2019-07-27: Current home screens:

2019-07-26: Strange cloud formation tonight, a single lonesome cloud.

2019-07-26: Hotcakes from Bob Evans before work is a bad good idea 馃槾 Still delicious.

2019-07-21: I have a little book review blog if you want to check it out. I can be kind of snarky so I’m 鈥

2019-07-21: Now reading 馃摎 Clean Code: a Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship (Robert C. Martin Series)

2019-07-21: Now reading 馃摎 JavaScript fundamentals before learning React - RWieruch

2019-07-20: Soroka got out of that inning but the Bravos have zero offense. - 鈿撅笍

2019-07-19: Writing a bag post on That Mac Nerd and, after my first week of full-time knowledge work in over a 鈥

2019-07-19: Nevermind. Just setup a subdomain on That Mac Nerd at All seems to be 鈥

2019-07-19: How do I have a page added to my blog that is just a feed of my posts? I am using Jekyll 鈥

2019-07-16: Part of a revamping of my diet. Not on a diet just eliminating crap. So I had a smoothie with a 鈥

2019-07-10: Sitting out here at dawn is amazing, breeze is cool, beautiful sunset over the mountains. Excellent. 鈥

2019-07-10: New company buying a “high-end” MacBook Pro for me. I had a helluva time with Migration 鈥

2019-07-10: Cool outside, sun going down, Drake on the AirPods. Nothing Was the Same (Deluxe) Drake

2019-07-05: AKG k240 with Knox DAC: A review.

2019-07-05: I am a bit of a headphone aficionado, kinda like Marco Arment… New cans: AKG k240s with Knox 鈥

2019-07-02: Worst thing about being in the mid-Atlantic in the summer is the humidity.

2019-07-02: So… really digging the IndieWeb. Took a bit of work but added an IndieWebring to my Jekyll 鈥

2019-07-01: She s n a c c Greek yogurt and strawberries, a bedtime favorite. Long days coming up. Goodnight.

2019-07-01: Great clip from Ben Thompson on Jony Ive leaving Apple…

2019-07-01: Breakfast of champions

2019-06-30: Found a nifty little client for iOS called Icro. Very minimal a great looking.

2019-06-27: TIL SSH’ing or moshing into your Mac remotely doesn’t work over a VPN because duh your 鈥

2019-06-24: iPadOS…馃槏

2019-06-21: Friday nights in our building is usually full of music and fun. Little bit quieter tonight, but I 鈥

2019-06-21: Hmmmm. Not so sure about Keuchel, Braves fans…鈿撅笍

2019-06-21: My apartment building is a really old school converted into really awesome lofts but the surrounding 鈥

2019-06-21: This is the car I want to drive when I grow up 馃槏馃槏

2019-06-20: I am probably going to need new stickers come time to buy the Brydge Keyboard…

2019-06-20: I love this iPad…

2019-06-19: Lots of ugly weather on the way. Was just reading @andynicolaides post on The Dent about posting 鈥

2019-06-18: Seems people post pictures here? Here is one of a rainbow from last Friday outside my apartment 鈥

2019-06-18: Soooo this is a thing, I suppose. Looking for more chill communities that don’t make me want 鈥