🎮 Uncharted 4 🎮

Uncharted 4 storytelling and graphics are undefeated.

🎮 Destiny 2 is pretty great 🎮

Destiny 2 is quickly becoming a favorite. Thanks Siracusa!

🎮 Playing Battlefield 4 🎮

Stuck in the first level in single player campaign in Battlefield 4. I try to get my squad to engage and they just stand there lol.

This place, this micro.blog place, is just great. I never feel any anxiety coming here. I feel it everywhere else, all the time. I wish I could just delete all my Twitter accounts but I do need the dev one. I may delete most of the ones I have.

Is there a Share to Micro.blog button somewhere I can use on my blog?

Under Armour TriBase Reign 2 Review

I bought the Under Armour Men’s TriBase™ Reign 2 Training Shoes a couple of months ago.

I didn’t think I’d be this tired a few minutes after taking my anti-insomnia medicine but here we are.

Truly wanted to read… 😴 📚 😑

The Apple Watch Series 5 really has changed the way I think about fitness. I finally got a perfect week, all rings. It was super hard, being this __ large__ and all but so worth it.

Oh. Oh no. Shit. RIP RGB…

Don’t know if I shared this but.

This is my first real pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Bose QC 35 II, Best in Class Noise Cancellation

I have finally rekindled my love of coding. It’s been a loooooong while. And the pressure is off for me right now. So I’m redesiging my portfolio and starting some full stack apps with auth, and learning AWS and K8s. Feels good.

Having family have your back is great. It means that, while I’ve paid my rent for the rest of this year and into next, if need be I can rely on them to keep me here in my current place. That’s a privilege some don’t have. I am grateful.

🎮Took a couple of long clips of me playing God of War III remastered and failing miserably. Got used to it after a few minutes. Button mashers are some of my favorite games.

🎮How are folks getting screenshots of their games off their consoles and onto their computers?

Really sorry about just randomly posting. My anxiety has been truly bad and the mediciation prescribed me to help made it 10x worse. I mean truly bad. I’m starting to actually come around, exercising again, etc. I really missed being here

Boy oh boy what a ride this has been…

I have sort of given up applying for work for now. I’m happy that I have family that can help if it gets too bad. Maybe this next company will offer, maybe not. Meantime, I just keep building.

How to be an ally in 3 acts

Used Thumbtack to find a local pro to mount this TV Tuesday. I’m not willing to pay more than $100 and I found a guy around my price range. My normal pro has moved to Allentown which is a couple hours away. He’s really good though.

Not impressed with the stock widgets on iOS 14 so far.

New TV to mount to the bedroom wall. Pretty inexpensive for being 4K HDR. Same LG as my living room but 43”. Hoping the pro I hired has the right tools…

I don’t know what made me do it, perhaps me getting into training shoe obsessions, but I bought all kinds of bands…

Apple Watch as a Fashion Accessory | tiffany.blog

It took me a few years but I could finally afford to get a new Mac. Mac Mini: Finally | tiffany.blog

New Place Chronicles: Revamping My Office & Living Room

I still long for my last place but I am here now and I like it.

From: New Place Chronicles: Revamping My Office & Living Room > I still long for my last place but I am here now and I like it.

At the Salon.