Movers: are you an Apple consultant?

Me: ummmm 🤷🏾‍♀️ 5A9435BD-8D5E-4CA9-9F96-BC37C2ABDFCB.jpg

Been a minute, eh? Just wanted y’all to see this sick syntax theme for VS Code and my terminal.

The new feature where you can access external drives/media in Files: priceless

🏈 Buckeyes on a roll. Sweet win today over Wisky but we still don’t get respect.

HomePod sound is more impressive than I thought.

This new Kim Gordon is tempting me to dig into Sonic Youth’s back catalog.

🎶 Kim Gordon’s new album slaps. No Home Record

🎶 This Tyler song always makes me sad.…

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Yep. Icro’s markdown parsing is broken in dark and light modes

Test 2


Icro’s dark mode needs a lot of work…

I have this podcast and have two awesome junior and mid-level devs in mind to add as a host but the email is sitting in my drafts folder, scared of a “no time” response. Sigh……

People who work, especially people who work in software: how do you find time to read books???

I’m also going to try microcasting.

I’m venturing into many creative outlets/projects.

Build & Automate my smart apartment automation YouTube channel/blog/social media, Good First Issue which is my podcast for career-switching junior devs.

New office space.

Exterminator came today; spiders and stinkbugs galore. I’m deathly afraid of stinkbug buzzing and flying more so than I am of spiders though I had a very big, very fast spider crawling along my wall. shudder

Finally breaking through at work and my anxiety has lessened considerably

🎶 RIP Mac……

Intros & Such

First microcast. We’ll see. 😏🙃

Setting up automations in the new place is super rad.

Being able to control the new Sonoses from Control Center is the best

My first HomePod!