Studio update:

Everyone seems to have a Shortcuts Airtable base so here’s mine:

TTT Shortcuts Gallery is kinda slow to update posts…

Everyone seems to have a Shortcuts Airtable base so here’s mine:…

Rosy, the robot vacuum.

This is a renewed Roborock S5 from Xiaomi

Reppin my squads

The all shortcuts home screen…

Swatara Twp Overlook

Bought a new Ninja Foodi as I continue to workout, eat better, and lose weight. It’s amazing.

Swatara Twp Overlook

So…this is happening… Been using Things 3 for two years and before that OmniFocus for 4. Adding tasks in the background in Shortcuts is an amazing feature.

Back to the gym and it’s awesome. Helps that it was 65° and sunny in the middle of winter but. Almost got all my rings! 9255548B-7C7E-4F54-89ED-E67CA4274E61.jpg

I used to share photos around my old place (I still kinda miss it).

Here’s my neighborhood now. Indistinct suburbia…🏘


🎶 Jamie - Brittany Howard 9D211901-ECFF-4CD1-A62C-974B78B24437.jpg

Super Rich Kids ft Earl Sweatshirt 26AA6DBE-5E90-493F-B985-3704E588C44C.jpg

My iPad wall mount and adapter from Proper is on the way!

🎶Flamagra - Flying Lotus 7590F0C9-1BA5-41F8-9201-63186E17550F.jpg

Bye 2019. It’s been a wild one.

Final Home Screen of the Year |

Nanoleaf, The raddest.

Out of all the artwork I’ve got (excluding the print of Judith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi, which is gruesome but my absolute favorite), this is the best. A63402AA-AF59-4821-BE75-5EB36715F988.jpg

Put together the coffee and end table, cheapies from Amazon. Fits my aesthetic though.

Back to light mode for a bit


I do video too! Should I get a Mac Pro? 🤔😂

New Brydge Keyboard arrived and I already like it. Like a lot.