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Bye 2019. It’s been a wild one.

Final Home Screen of the Year | tiffany.blog

Nanoleaf, The raddest.

Out of all the artwork I’ve got (excluding the print of Judith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi, which is gruesome but my absolute favorite), this is the best. A63402AA-AF59-4821-BE75-5EB36715F988.jpg

Put together the coffee and end table, cheapies from Amazon. Fits my aesthetic though.

Back to light mode for a bit


I do video too! Should I get a Mac Pro? 🤔😂

New Brydge Keyboard arrived and I already like it. Like a lot.

📝Bellroy Slim Sleeve Review

TextExpander doing the lord’s work.

My updated VS Code Setup post, as requested!

Doing a bit of experimenting with some random libraries and some guy’s CSS.


How are folks getting the color backgrounds for their Memoji avatars?

Now that I’m not strictly an Apple blogger I don’t feel as compelled to upgrade my devices though my ex and current BFF is getting the 11 Pro and that

Will. Not. Stand!

I’m the techie of our group. So I guess it’s upgrade szn

Movers: are you an Apple consultant?

Me: ummmm 🤷🏾‍♀️ 5A9435BD-8D5E-4CA9-9F96-BC37C2ABDFCB.jpg

Been a minute, eh? Just wanted y’all to see this sick syntax theme for VS Code and my terminal.

The new feature where you can access external drives/media in Files: priceless

🏈 Buckeyes on a roll. Sweet win today over Wisky but we still don’t get respect.

HomePod sound is more impressive than I thought.

This new Kim Gordon is tempting me to dig into Sonic Youth’s back catalog.

🎶 Kim Gordon’s new album slaps. No Home Record

🎶 This Tyler song always makes me sad. music.apple.com/us/album/…

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