Setting up automations in the new place is super rad.

Being able to control the new Sonoses from Control Center is the best

My first HomePod!

Moved into the new place and it’s spectacular…

I am upgrading to the Pro Max and the Series 5. I technically don’t need a new iPhone but the camera, as I try to shoot more video and take more photos, is too enticing to me. My Series 1 Apple Watch is slow. Gonna be an expensive fall.

I’m starting a YouTube channel just for funsies on smart home automation. I’ve been watching tutorials on video editing and motion graphics and I’ll probably need to upgrade my camera soon. E16FF860-A6E4-4136-84A4-0E7B5860854B.jpg

I have a thing for squirrels 🐿 F227F3A4-DE23-40E1-8E3A-1401347AFC02.jpg

Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks stuck in my head:

We, Real cool We, Left school We, Lurk late We, Strike straight We, Sing sin We, Thin gin We, Jazz June We, Die soon

📚Currently Reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman | Goodreads

Because I code, I am delaying upgrading to Catalina for the forseeable future. Apple’s approach to security on the Mac is horrendously flawed, making it hard for the developers they try to seduce to build for their platforms to do any actual coding.

I couldn’t get into Good Omens. I’ll need to post some tyoe of review on my book review blog.

📝📱Updates Before September Event |

Folders on my home screen. I’m sorry but that isn’t going to change.

📝Down the Rabbit Hole of Smart Home Tech |

It all started innocently enough. Scroll YouTube and find some tech related videos.

🎶 a trip to back to my 20s 190146DF-02CD-4B13-B8CA-6784F0113F7B.jpg

I get far too excited about airplanes 🛫

We were pushing for launch day this week and I’m spent. We launch tomorrow. I’m sitting here binging YouTube and listening to ATP which is an art form unto itself. Pancakes are tasty but not filling for long. Kinda hungry.

IHOP for dinner with my bro. C0C41E5A-7E34-4CE1-A393-C28E296A5641.jpg

Jira is probably the worst piece of developer project management software in existence.

Been struggling with super crippling anxiety lately. I all but have stopped using traditional social media, especially at night. I am writing a post about it, draft sitting on my hard drive.

📚Currently reading: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett | Goodreads

This upper respiratory infection is killing me but it’s my fault for not going to the doctor. 😷

📚Reading: Understanding ECMAScript… by Nicholas C. Zakas [PDF/iPad/Kindle]

🎶 Listening to: Last One Awake

📚Reading: Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists: Dan Barker

📚Reading: Tutorial purgatory from the perspective of a tutorial maker

You have the knowledge you need to start tackling the idea you have in mind.