@sku_b I want to install it but Ish bricked his M1 Mac Mini installing it. I have that same machine so I'm more or less like ehhh 🤔

@mpmilestogo no, it's not really a publishing platform. It's just a notes app with some special sauce. I still use iA Writer and MarsEdit for publishing posts to MB.

@pimoore thank you! Still a work in progress.

@mjdescy this is it for me.

I have my blog spun up for free on Netlify. But I love this community and am willing to support it.

@jakelacaze this may be a problem but @sku_b has learned how to separate these post types by editing their theme.

I'm going to investigate how to do that. If I find out I'll write a post about it

@mandaris the community is the most important thing to me. The comments here are civil and enjoyable. I don't have comments on my self-hosted Jekyll blog for obvious reasons

@sku_b how did you do that? I'm still trying to figure it out. This would be super helpful

@manton hoping for Hawks/Suns tbh.

Trae Young vs D Book? yes please

@simonwoods thanks Simon!

@manton nope. That hasn't solved it 😔

@manton can you help me get the feeds sorted out so my replies show on my blog? Thanks

@manton I see what happened. I tried to clean up my cross posting feeds and deleted the one that fed posts into my blog. That is the domain hooked up to MB: tiff

@manton I tried to change the custom domain to musings.tiffanywhite.blog. The SSL cert was taking too long to propagate so I changed it back to social...

Now my replies are missing on my iPhone, not sure about anywhere else

@mandaris ooooooh that looks good 🍺

@f Awesome! I can't wait to own a home someday.

@Burk I can't even find a PS5 let alone have a shortlist of games 😢

@Gaby a little hesitant to listen to this one. Sometimes post-humous works aren't good. May give it a shot though.

@AndyNicolaides how's that Obsidian beta? I paid for one of their plans but have yet to download the iOS app.

@renevanbelzen ooooooh thank you!!! I'll pick some up today!!!

@Gaby Flying Lotus 🙌🏾

@alans thanks Alan. Been such a long time since I've had a cat. It's an adjustment but I needed this, especially after mom passed last month

@jean thanks Jean!! 🐈 😻

@garciabuxton a Reds fan? See kitty likes her baseball too

@hollyhoneychurch she's here! She's still chilling in her carrier but she's so quiet and sweet

@Miraz I really hope she approves!